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35mL ENFit Tip Irrigation Syringe with Transition Connector

Availability: In stock
Item Number: VED-635TC
Case Quantity: 500

Product Description

Product Descriptor

  • Transition Connector consistent with the design and taper of a catheter tip syringe
  • Available prepackaged within the inner case or within each syringe package
  • Also available as a stand alone item by the case


  • ISO 80369-3 compliant ENFit connector designed to reduce the risk of tubing misconnections
  • Made without natural rubber latex, DEHP, Bisphenol A or other phthalates plasticizers
  • Individually packaged into inner cartons (see previous page for additional details)
  • Pre-packaged with ENFit Transition Connectors

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Important Safety Information

  • Use ENFit tip syringes only with ENFit feeding tube ports. Feeding tubes with different open female ports are not compatible with Vesco ENFit tip syringes
  • ENFit tip syringes have the potential to misconnect with small bore connectors of other healthcare applications
  • Single-patient use and Rx only