Our single port G-Tubes are designed to be a more cost-effective solution for intermittent use.

Single ENFit Port G-Tubes come in the following french sizes and corresponding balloon inflation size:

Vesco Item# French Size (Fr) Ballon Size (cc) Units/Case
VED-116 16 10 2
VED-118 18 15 2
VED-120 20 15 2
VED-122 22 15 2

Product Specifications:

  • Download Vesco Medical gastrostomy feeding tubes portfolio case specifications and pallet configurations
  • Click on product photos below to learn about each product and download individual product specifications sheets

Important Safety Information

  • Use only administration/feeding sets with ENFit connectors
  • Tube has the potential to misconnect with small bore connectors of other healthcare applications
  • Single-patient use and Rx only

Pricing available upon request.