Vesco Medical offers universal extension sets that fit the most popular low profile feeding tubes on the market; available in Single Port, equipped with straight connectors used for intermittent or bolus feeding, and Dual Ports, with right angle connectors convenient for continuous feeding and simultaneous flushing or administering liquid medication without disconnecting.

Universal Low Profile Feeding Tube ENFit® Extension Sets

  • Bolus Feed Single ENFit Port – 12 in. (30cm) & 24 in. (60cm)
  • Continuous Feed Dual ENFit Port – 12 in. (30cm) & 24 in. (60cm)


  • Compatible with the most popular low profile feeding tube brands
  • Single ENFit port equipped with larger inner diameter tubing for faster delivery of fluids than (compared to enteral infusion pump maximum feed rates)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, BPA or PHT

Important Safety Information:

  • Use only administration/feeding sets with ENFit connectors. Feeding sets with different connectors are not compatible with Vesco feeding tubes
  • Device is non sterile
  • See individual product labeling for directions and important safety information
  • Extension Set has the potential to misconnect with small bore connectors of other healthcare applications
  • Rx Only

Pricing available upon request.